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This new park will continue to maintain the existing character and uniqueness of this Riverland Area. The City's plan for this park will do just that! In order to maintain the Old Florida character of the area the City will take a slow and steady approach to outfitting this park.

Their first objective was to secure the park area for public safety and liability purposes with a nice looking ornamental fence. Job well done!

This past week some park benches and trash cans started to appear. It is starting to look like a park!

Their vision includes a Fit Trail with a walking trail and exercise stations along with possibility of  a small kids playground. Community outreach from the City to follow soon.

The existing buildings need to be evaluated for code compliance and public use as they are many rules and regulations that apply to City owned buildings such as being (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. So for now the public use of the  house and other structures is yet to be determined.


This park will evolve over time, again it will be the slow and steady approach.

They City hopes to open the park with limited facilities within the next several of months so that we in the Community can to begin to use the park that everyone worked so very hard to save from destruction.

Thanks so much to the members of the Riverland Preservation Society, the City of Fort Lauderdale, and the residents of the Riverland Community for their support and effort to make this park happen


Be on the look out for a date for outreach to the community. 

See the next page for a rendering of the park that the city has put together.