Frequently asked Questions
Answers below have been provided by Enrique  Sanchez from the city of Fort Lauderdale.>

Q) Who or what department will occupy the building? 

A) This is unknown.  Several options have been suggested however no decisions have been made yet.


Q) What hours will the park be open? 
A) The proposed hours are Sunrise to Sunset since there are currently no lights.  Future use will depend on what it decided.


Q) Will there be a police presence in the park during closed hours? 

A) Park Rangers patrol all City parks on a rotating basis and are responsible for opening and closing the park.  This is a division of the Police Department and they can request additional resources when needed.

Q) What is the expected use of the dock? 
A) The dock was not part of the property purchase so that would be up to Mr. Black or whoever he is able to sell it to.


Q) Will the park be fenced and include entrance/exit gates? 

A) We’ve (the city) already installed a fence along Riverland Road, as I’m sure you’ve seen, and are now planning on installing a fence to go along the northern and western property line of the park.

Q) What type of functions will be allowed at the park? 

A) That has not been determined at this time.


Q) What hours will the lighting function? 

A) That has not been determined at this time


Q) My pool and deck area abuts our East property line and it appears you intend parking to be placed up against the property line along with a series of lights around the parking area and this raises a concern of the possibility of diminished privacy as well as increased noise and light pollution permeating into our property. Please investigate how our continued privacy can be preserved?

A) We (the city) typically do photometrics for lighting projects and will ensure there is little to no light spillage into your property.  LED technology allows us to focus lights on only the intended areas.


Q) The pedestrian crossing is on a blind turn with speeding traffic. What is the solution to avoid a pedestrian vs auto accident? 

A) Transportation and Mobility is currently working on a mobility plan for the neighborhood so we will work with them to ensure access to the park is safe.


Q) We would appreciate being kept in the loop as the park development progresses and I look forward to answers to my questions and concerns. 

A) We have been working with Riverland Preservation Society to assist with public outreach and gathering feedback from the neighborhood.  They recently posted some information about the project on their website,, in hopes of soliciting feedback on the current plan and are scheduling a public meeting in the coming weeks to discuss the item further