In case you had not heard,  there is a new park coming to the big bend on Riverland Road.

But first, a short history about how the 5 acre large residential piece of property at the east bend of Riverland became a neighborhood nature fit trails park.

Once upon a time.....
Just kidding, it is not exactly like a fairly tale, but it is still a dream come true for those of us in the Riverland area.

It started as a nightmare in April of 2015, when the dreaded yellow public notice signs first appeared.

Just so you know, this area was formerly Unincorporated Broward County and was annexed into the City in 2002 with Resolution No. 02-28 that said: "The City would preserve the existing character,  integrity and unique lifestyle of the area"


  *  Many of the neighboring adjacent property owners were shocked to find out that the owner was working with a developer to have the property re-platted for 14 two story homes that would require the destruction of about 500 trees including cabbage palms, banyans, and numerous 100 year old live oaks. This property was also home to various wildlife including foxes, gopher turtles, and burrowing owls.
  *  This public notice gave the adjacent homeowners about several weeks to figure out what they could do to prevent this from nightmare from coming true.
  *  The short version is that we started a neighborhood grass roots movement with about a dozen adjacent property owners and other  concerned neighbors and formed what became the Riverland Preservation Society (RPS).
  *  The RPS was able to collect enough data and information for the Public Hearing to convince half of the Planning and Zoning Board to vote against the re-platting for the 14 homes. The vote was 4 for; and 4 against and at that time a tie was considered a NO vote or that it failed approval at  Planning & Zoning. Score one for RPS and zero for the developer.
  *  Next step; the developer had the right to re-present his case for re-platting to the City Commission for approval or come back to Planning and Zoning at a future date.